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By Kyler on August 7, 2015

FDA compliance is a big deal, as it should be. The FDA protects the American public from scams, right? But the “bad” side of this protection is the increased work load Young Living distributors must take on in order to stay in the clear. Oily Sites is here to help.

FDA Compliant Young Living Product Pages

With our exclusive Oily Sites™ Product Sync plugin, your Young Living website stays up to date with the latest imagery and compliant info. We do the work for you, which frees you up to do things like grow your business!

Oily Sites Product Pages

The Details Matter

Oily Sites doesn’t do products by cramming a single page full of information. Our sites feature a separate page for each product (accessed by clicking the images). These pages also allow you to add your own info to make your Young Living site more customized to you. This is better for your visitors and for ranking your site in search engines.

Visit our Oily Sites Demo page to see product pages in action!

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