Setup Oily Sites Plan

1. Cancel Your Current Zero Cost Oily Sites Plan

Simply go to and sign in to your PayPal account. Once signed in, do the following:

  • Click on Profile and then your name.
  • Click on My Money on the left.
  • Click Update by ‘My Pre-approved Payments’ on the lower right.
  • Click on ‘Oily Sites Hosting’ and then click Cancel. If you don’t see the plan listed, that’s fine. Continue with ‘Select Your Plan’ below.

{This will notify us that your current plan has been cancelled}

To keep your website operational, you must then click the link below to reselect your plan.

Click here: Select Your Plan

*Note: You should not have to enter a new username and password as long as you do this all together. It will keep your current account, site and Oily Sites Support settings. If you’re prompted to enter a username and password, please first sign in to Oily Sites before continuing.